Thursday, November 19, 2009

Rated R movies, WHAT!

We had a rule about Rated R movies when growing up. They were a no no! When we broke them something happened. Below is Robby describing what would happen from his blog.

"Saturday I decided to call my mom. Eventually, I told her I saw a rated R movie.
She begins to give me a hard time about it. The following day I went to my in laws for Sunday dinner. My mother-in-law informs me that she spoke with my mother. Then she tells me that I'm not allowed to watch a movie for a month. Laughing I asked, "Why?" She then reminded me of a rule we had in my house as a child. If I went to go see a rated R movie I wasn't allowed to see a movie for a month. My PS3/ Blu-Ray player broke that day. I also saw the movie with my father-in-law."

The joys of growing up and the different rules. By the way, this was the one rule that I, Carmella, remember my parents following through to the end. I saw one movie, Cadillac Man, in 1989 and was on restriction for a month.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I saw it first!

I was driving out of the parking lot today after work and saw a Palm Tree. It brought this memory back.

As a family we traveled to Florida to visit our grandparents (MomMom & PopPop) in De Bary, Florida. We had a few games that we played or rewards we got while we sat in the car for hours, about seven (7) hours.

I remembered two of them.

1) We would see who would see the first palm tree and the palm tree had to be in Florida.

2) If we were good, we would get to stop at Dairy Queen for a treat. An ice cream, usually a Buster Bar. Now, as we got older we pushed the limit and Aaron went beyond the Ice Cream and got Onion Rings or Cheeseburger.
This was a great memory to remember as I drove out of the parking lot in Thomasville, GA today where I glanced through my side window and saw a Georgia Palm Tree.

Monday, January 12, 2009

From a Family of Athletes...

A recount of a story told by Annette Stroud to Granddaughter, Sydney, after getting two goals in her first Soccer game of season this past Saturday.

Syd, congratulations on the goals! You do know that you are from a family of athletes. I played basketball, tennis and softball, even after high school . Willa and Connie also played as well as your Mama and Uncle Aaron on high school teams but my favorite story is about Tudy. She played in her day, with her children, and with her grandchildren up until the time she lost her leg. She had a great long shot! When I was in high school, a ball was knocked out of bounds at the half time and went into the bleachers near where Mama was sitting. The man that caught the ball knew that Mama played when she was young and threw her the ball as he hollowed, "shoot it Eliz-a-beth", she did and stripped the net from the half way mark, but 3 seats up in the bleachers. The crowd exploded with a standing ovation. Keep practicing one day you may be better than all of us. I love you. Gam-Mommy

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Papa used to go to the store and buy us snacks. But he would not buy a candy bar for each person instead he would buy one (1) or two (2) candy bars and cut it into enough pieces for everyone to have some. He called it pick-a-nicking. One interesting thing about this was that he would not use a knife from Tudy's kitchen but his pocket knife. He would clean it off and slice the candy bars. I think it made the candy taste even better. He would usually get a Milky Way and Snickers bar.