Thursday, October 7, 2010

Over Time & GC 2010

Wow. We don't look like the picture on our blog. We need to get an updated one. Maybe at Christmas we can get one of those FAMILY Pictures. It’s been almost a year since I posted a story to this blog, so I thought it was about time for a new post.

This past weekend was General Conference and here is what I remember from years past....
  • We would go to church on Saturday and Sunday in church dress. Even though we had satellite at our house most of our lives, we would go to the church. It was interesting because we would hear of stories of people living in Utah who would be at home watching and lying on the floor when we were young like eight (8) years of age. But, mom and dad made us go to church because they said we would listen better. This is true. Now, I do the same with Sydney but not this year. We have Dish Network and can record and watch later or watch and pause. This year, mom and Tudy were down to watch with us. We watched every session but were not in church clothes.
Photo from Erica's blog.
  • The Saturday before was the General R.S. Broadcast and all the women would get together and listen to the Prophet speaking. One of my favorite memories and the broadcast that I remember the most is my Sept 23, 1995 where President Gordon B. Hinckley announced- "The Family: A Proclamation to the World" document. I heard it read with mom, Annette Stroud, while sitting in the chapel of the Shenandoah Ward off Reese Road in Columbus, GA.
  • I have memories of us taking down wallpaper at the McNeese House and stopping for two hours for GC then back up again when it was over. One memory in particular was Martha Jackson, from across the street, was helping and had to stop also. She didn't stay for GC but she was supportive in our choice.
  • Then there is a time that Carrie Stroud was at the house after Dad passed away watching GC and she had some very strong emotions/feelings about dad during a conference talk. Very special moment for all of us. Ask Carrie about those feelings for more information. (Not going to post publicly.)
  • I also have a talk from GC that President James E. Faust gave about not asking why is this happening to me but what can I learn from the situation I am going through. This is one the best lessons I have had in my time listen to G.C. I know there are many others like getting food storage together, going to the temple, genealogy work, marrying in the temple and being single in church. But the lesson I learned that day from President Faust is applied consistently through my life.
  • There are also memories of copying off worksheets to do during conference to help concentrate.
  • Also there was a contest that the Young Women and Young Men did where we got points for going to GC as part of a program to help us become spiritual and we would win a trip to some place. None of us Stroud's went but we were close in the points. That activity had an important impact on my life.
  • This year, Sydney listened and we have been doing better with reading from the scriptures but making me explain to her what it means. Now, it was only last Sunday but she has implemented something that she heard from GC and this is GREAT!

I wonder what my brothers experienced and if they will post a comment to tell what GC means to them currently or in the past. :D)

Additions from Carrie Stroud
I am pretty positive that Aaron will say it was a good time to fold laundry. ha ha!

Seriously though...that man can't sit still! I keep remembering watching it at mom's house years ago and getting so frustrated that Aaron was up and around etc while he was listening (I just can't concentrate in that way). She told me that your dad was the same way...and that he would just sit on the ground and sort out his tools etc and it drove her crazy;)