Thursday, January 22, 2009

I saw it first!

I was driving out of the parking lot today after work and saw a Palm Tree. It brought this memory back.

As a family we traveled to Florida to visit our grandparents (MomMom & PopPop) in De Bary, Florida. We had a few games that we played or rewards we got while we sat in the car for hours, about seven (7) hours.

I remembered two of them.

1) We would see who would see the first palm tree and the palm tree had to be in Florida.

2) If we were good, we would get to stop at Dairy Queen for a treat. An ice cream, usually a Buster Bar. Now, as we got older we pushed the limit and Aaron went beyond the Ice Cream and got Onion Rings or Cheeseburger.
This was a great memory to remember as I drove out of the parking lot in Thomasville, GA today where I glanced through my side window and saw a Georgia Palm Tree.

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